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PLAZA PUBLISHING: Uninhibited Innovation, Unbound Creativity

"At Plaza Publishing, our Innovative Marketing techniques will enable your business to reach unexpected and unprecedented heights! We represent a strong and dedicated team of seasoned marketing professionals, who are well-versed with the finest technicalities and dynamics of the realm of marketing, and are confident of providing you with undoubtedly the very best marketing advice and in-sights, as well as formulating the best marketing campaigns after conducting an in-depth study of your business structure, product or service offerings as well as your market segmentation."

Deciding the Right Marketing Budget

When it comes to deciding the right marketing budget for your company or business, it is imperative that you consider each and every factor involved before arriving at a final decision. No detail is too small or trivial, as every aspect warrants attention. At Plaza Publishing, we get into the finest details to help you arrive at the right decision, be it the cost of advertising material, promotional activities or investment on recruiting as well as training sales executives and so on. To find out more about the right methods to approach the budgeting decisions of your marketing campaign, register with us now! 

Traditional Marketing versus Contemporary Marketing

Although it is being increasingly discussed nowadays that the concept of marketing has undergone a radical change in the past decade, and what was considered as the right way of marketing your products and services earlier, is now being considered as obtrusive marketing. Our team of expert marketers at Plaza Publishing is of the staunch opinion that based on the type of business that is being considered, the right marketing approach is a unique mix of the traditional and contemporary methods, based on the target market segments that are being approached. No particular way or method is wrong or right while marketing your business, but what matters is how you can constantly keep reinventing yourself to retain your brand appeal in the eyes of your customers. 

Innovative Ways for Customer Retention

As opposed to other marketing agencies, we firmly believe that the Marketing Cycle does not end when the sale is made. On the contrary, it is the very beginning of a very holistic marketing cycle where the focus is first on retaining your existing customers for a lifetime, so that the initial number of sales multiply with passing time for the same number of customers. 

Marketing ideas, straight from the Experts

As far as marketing your business is concerned, neither is any idea too trivial, nor is t too brave that it cannot be implemented at all. When you allot us your marketing requirements, we make it a point first and foremost, to take the onus of all the allotted marketing responsibilities on our shoulders so that you can sit back in an absolutely relaxed state, because we will remain available at your constant beck and call, and to pay attention to all you marketing needs, irrespective of what they are. 


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Isabelle Wong
Cal Stereo

I’m so glad I approached Plaza Publishing for our company’s marketing requirements. They have suggested a number of innovative marketing techniques, that we had never thought of or conceptualized earlier. Hats off to their wonderful insights!

Jack Law
Vibrant Man

At first I was a bit hesitant to outsource the marketing campaign of my newly started business to Plaza Publishing, but the wondrous results that they produced with very little initial investment made me realize that my decision was absolutely right.

Brooke Wright
Total Yard Maintenance

I have come across dozens of marketing agencies, but I would like to recommend the services of Plaza Publishing to all businesses, for the simple reason that they are a class apart from everybody else in terms of having a highly unique and professional approach towards all your requirements.