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On-Site Paper Shredding service

Paper shredding for confidenciality

Paper Shredders are quite common in offices, institutions and other organisms that work with lots of documents. Proper shredding is the only safe and viable way of disposing of documents containing confidential information. Of course, it would be more convenient to merely throw all papers in the trash bin and let the garbage truck guys handle the whole bundle. But that's one of the worst decisions you could take if you own any sort of business or organization.

There are people out there dedicated to searching garbage for confidential data, passwords and other bits of sensitive information. They know they can use it for many purposes; they can sell it to your competitors, steal your data, hack your systems and even blackmail your customers or members, or even yourself. The list goes on and on, so it is worth it for them to spend hours with your paper disposals, looking for the number or password that will open up the gate towards money and power for them. And you should beware.

Of course, some data are more important than others; for example, you would raher have a hacker learn your son's grades in school than the number of your credit card. And this doesn't count only for businesses and organisms, but also domestic papers. If you think about it for a moment, you will realize how much information is printed on papers you throw away in the garbage. Your bills, card summaries, old IDs, even your receipts have personal information you wouldn't want strangers to access. So the only way to keep that information safe is to destroy your paper waste with a good shredder. If you want to learn more, check out this Docu Vault's article on the benefits of paper shredding.

Is shredding worth the hassle?

The most convenient way to get your personal papers destroyed is to buy a shredder. Which you quite likely won't, because they are big expensive machines that take too much space. And it doesn't get easier for companies, because sure, they do have the money and space to buy and place one or more shredders, but even so they are noisy and inconvenient, and create big piles of paper waste.

Can you imagine how much paper a company uses every day, how many internal documents, folders and foils they print and handle? All of that, when shredded, becomes a literal mountain of little paper stripes and someone has to get rid of that anyway. This means someone has to get up their chair, empty the shredder, put all the paper in a bag, and carry it all the way with the rest of the garbage. Once and again. Someone who could be working, and making money for the company. The whole process consumes time and effort, but businesses that don't shred their documents are a bad sign for clients or partners, because whoever works with them will have their own data at risk too. 

So neither businesses nor homes can afford not to shred their documents, but is there a way to get the job done without it being too complicated and bothersome?

On site paper shredding with Shred First

The easiest way to do something difficult and inconvenient is to have someone else do it for you. Of course, it can't be just any person; you must hire somebody who knows what they are doing, and owns all proper equipment. Once you find them, you have solved your problem, enjoying all the benefits of document shredding without dealing with any of the downsides.

Shred First will take care of all of that for you. They provide onsite document shredding, as well as other data destruction services. Basically, what they do is that they give you as many bins as you need, so you can dump all your documents there. Later, they will drive to your home or office with special vehicles, equipped with big, top class shredders. They will pick up all your documents and destroy them onsite. This is an easy, safe and super cost effective solution for you, whoever your are and whatever you need. They will come as many times as you call them, and leave all bins and containers necessary to collect your paper waste. Even more, once they are done shredding, they will take the paper away themselves and drop it at a recycling facility where it will be processed. You can collaborate with the environment while at the same time keep all your confidential information safe. 


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