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What is wrong with using brown envelopes for direct mail?

Designing a direct mail campaign

Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing strategies that exist, but in most cases they are underrated and get overlooked by businesses. Many believe that, since this is a digital era when everything goes on through a computer or smartphone, Internet ads and profiles are all you need to get promoted, and e-mail is the only reasonable way to contact your potential customers directly. However, direct mail campaigns do have a good return of investment, and you should always take them on account if you want to increase your sales and and reach new customers.

Experience shows that direct mail is very compelling and helps a company stand out on its own, especially if it is well designed and put together. Running a successful direct marketing campaign requires an organic design approach, because a multimedial advertisement campaign will always have more impact than direct mail on its own. Studies reveal that companies which combine e-mail with direct mail get far better results than those who use e-mail alone or direct mail alone.

In order to give a sense of integration, all aspects of your marketing campaign - which can also include TV spots, leaflets, Internet ads, and so forth - must have the same look and style and convey the same ideas, so the message comes across stronger and the company looks bigger and more reliable. You better get a cheap website and invest more on a wholesome marketing approach to your target audience, than focus your budget somewhere else but let nobody notice what you offer.

Advantages of a well thought direct marketing campaign


You can reach a wide audience in your local area, which is especially useful if you're running a local business or you own a physical store.  It is very cost effective and requires little monetary investment, with significan ROI when comapred to other approaches.
A physical paper and envelope give customers a sense of reality about the company. It becomes something physical that they can touch and feel. It leaves a greater impact on your customers. Not many companies run direct mail campaigns, so when you do, you stand out of the competition. Something solid will always be more memorable than a fleeting ad on a screen.
Envelopes, cards, letters and leaflets leave a lasting impression because they are left in the house or office where people see them once and again, so the message is remembered. Getting a letter specifically written to them is more engaging to customers, because they feel that the message is more personal and special.


What's the problem with brown envelopes?

As you can see, what you send to your customers is what conveys an image of your company. You want your clients to see your business as good, unique, special and full of personality. You absolutely do not want something generic, boring and forgettable. Brown envelopes are used for carrying random documentation and papers, and there is nothing compelling about them. Getting a letter or leaflet in a brown envelope feels cheap, like the company didn't bother; and if it didn't, why should the customer?

You have to step up your game and send colourful envelopes with a compelling look, and the colours and logo of your company. A good envelope will make the content look better, and a bad envelope will make it look less important. There is no sencond chance for first impressions, so you have to make sure that your envelope does a great job.

Useful links


Now that you understand the importance of look and graphic design when running a direct mail campaign, you will need to find companies that provide good envelopes for your material. Here are two of them that will do the job for you.

Reflections First is a UK-based company specialised in custom envelopes for all purposes. You can ask for their catalogue in their website - it's really huge. You have plenty of models, colours and materials for your envelopes, and you can also ask for custom designs and even special effects like pop-up or 3D. Their team is very creative and they can give you ideas to feed your own creative process so you come up with unique envelopes that will let your target audience speechless.

Nova Envelopes is a more company-oriented provider, so you won't have such crazy designs and patterns, but you will get a more professional and clean look, which is better for some companies' image. They are used to work with big businesses so they can also help you with corporate mail, B2B advertising and formal letters with your brand.


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